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What are Villages?

Villages are local, volunteer-led grassroots organizations that aim to support community members who want to live an engaged life in their homes. They foster social connections through activities and events and coordinate volunteer help using a neighbor-to-neighbor model.

Each Village is unique and reflects the character, interests, and needs of the community that creates it. The Village leadership decides what it would offer and how it would operate. Villages typically focus on fostering social connections through activities and events and coordinating member services using a neighbor helping neighbor model. Services may include transportation to medical appointments, light yard work and home maintenance, tutoring, friendly visits, social outings and more. Some villages charge a membership fee, while other Villages are all volunteer and have no fee. Some villages choose an intergenerational model that serves all members of the community, while others restrict membership to a specific age while welcoming all ages of volunteers and supporters.

See if there is a Village in your neighborhood.

If you do not currently have a village in your neighborhood, you could help start a village.

Villages begin with a conversation among neighbors. Outreach to others in the neighbor helps form a core group who can identify the collective needs of the village. There are vast resources to help anyone starting a village, such as RAVE, the national Village to Village network, and the City of Rockville Village Facilitator. Learn more about resources for starting your own village by contacting the City of Rockville Village Facilitator here.